Our designer headboards are useful for decorating your room. When it comes to home decor, you will find the high quality headboards at wholesale prices. They are also easy to install. We have various types of headboards including wooden headboards, fabric headboards, winged headboards, leather headboards, floor standing headboards, and so on. You can choose the one that suits your bedroom best.

If you want a custom headboard for your bedroom, this is the place to come. Custom made headboards can be very useful in making your room look unique. When you choose a design, you can make your room look beautiful. Bespoke headboards are a vital piece of furniture in modern bedrooms. If you want to make your room look better, you should replace the old headboard with a new one. This will give your room a new look. The size of your headboard can make a difference in its look and style. You can also choose a headboard with built-in lights. Whether you are looking for something elegant or you want something simple and functional, you will find what you want here. You can buy custom headboards according to your style from here.

What types of headboards are available?

You can choose from various types of headboards. There are wooden headboards, fabric headboards, metal headboards, etc. You can also choose the ones with a wooden frame. They look classy and are made with the best material. If you like to have a luxurious feeling, you should go for fabric or an upholstered headboard. A wood headboard with metal finials will add a rustic look to your room.

Are floor standing headboard good?

Headboards are something you might want to consider for a luxury bedroom, or if you need a freestanding bed, a floor standing headboard is a good choice. A good quality headboard offers a lot of stability and helps support the frame of the bed. They also add extra strength to the mattress. Some floor standing headboards with wings provide a luxurious finishing touch, giving your bed a more complete look and feel.

What is an upholstered headboard?

If you have an upholstered headboard, you will be able to relax on your bed. The upholstered headboards come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. You can find them in various designs. You can also find the headboards in black and white or with patterns on them. They come in different materials like crush velvet, plush velvet, naples fabric, and so on. They come in either a solid color or pattern. The upholstered headboard looks nice because it makes your bedroom look more elegant. In addition, it makes your bed more comfortable and relaxing.

What size headboards are available?

Our headboards come in different sizes depending on the person who needs them. Some people prefer to buy large headboards, while others like small ones. These headboards have a very modern design with all sizes from small single to super king.

If you have just a small guest room, a small occasional bed is enough. A single headboard would work well in that room. You may also want to complete the look of your child’s bedroom with a small single.

You should go for a double bed headboard for smaller bedrooms with limited storage space. If your room is slightly smaller and you still need to sleep with two people, you may find a small double headboard and bed to be a more affordable alternative.

If your bedroom has space at a premium, then a king size headboard will provide a luxury backdrop to your bed and give your room that finishing touch you need. A super king headboard is a nice touch to a spacious room. So if you happen to have a large bedroom, treat yourself to a super king headboard.